One play that is getting more and more popular in the NFL is the tush push. The tush push is when the quarterback gets the snap and he has two players behind them that push him to the line to gain. Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles have made the play popular, but one former Eagles player is not a fan of the play.

Chris Long is a former NFL defensive ends that played for the Eagles in 2017 and 2018. Beau Allen is also a former defensive lineman, and he played for the Eagles as well. Notice that they are both defensive players. Had they been offensive players, they would probably love the tush push. However, they are on the other side, and for a defense, it's a very difficult thing to stop.

Long and Allen appeared on New Heights this week, a podcast hosted by Travis and Jason Kelce. They had a pretty funny back-and-forth in regards to the tush push on this week's episode.

Beau Allen: I’ve been wanting to say this for awhile about the tush push, f**k the tush push. F**k that, it’s bulls**t. There’s nothing you could do as a nose guard to stop it. Other teams tried to run it this year.

‌Jason Kelce: and they stopped it.

‌Chris Long: and they got hurt, dudes on offense got hurt on other teams.

‌Beau Allen: I mean you guys run it so well but like the counters that you have off of it, the strength, you’ve got some big a*s motherf****r inside. You do such a great job of getting so low, but also like you know the snap count and get off so well. You know sometimes you even take the ball and move it up a little bit.

‌Jason Kelce: What are you talking about?

‌Beau Allen: You’ve been doing that s**t for years.

‌Jason Kelce: First time I got called this year.

‌Beau Allen: Dude I have seen that, I’m a nose guard bro. I’ve seen that for years, I’m like oh Kelce’s up to his old tricks again.

‌Jason Kelce: They’ve been warning me for three years.

Apparently they have seen Jason Kelce move the ball up a little bit when the Eagles are running the tush push. When the play is being done, they are typically a yard or less away from getting the first down. Every inch matters.

Love it or hate it, the tush push worked extremely well for the Eagles this season, and if the play is allowed, they are going to continue to do it. We'll see if whoever is playing center for Philadelphia next year can execute it like Kelce.