Though the Philadelphia Eagles' triumph over the Buffalo Bills is last week's news, storylines from the potential game of the year in the NFL continue to be talked about. Perhaps the biggest one is the feud caught on video between Eagles fans and several Bills players, including defensive tackle Jordan Phillips.

Phillips was involved in several incidents during the game, including taking Eagles guard Cam Jurgens down to the ground when Phillips jumped offside on what was likely a “Tush Push” attempt from Philly. Eagles center Jason Kelce made some pretty bold claims regarding Phillips' actions during that play.

“I thought it was bulls**t at the time,” Kelce said via 94WIP. “He purposely tried to hurt Cam Jurgens and I thought it should have been a personal foul…I thought that play in particular was absolutely a disgrace that the NFL should not allow.”

Kelce did not comment on Phillips' interaction with the fans and acknowledged that he doesn’t know the Bills veteran personally. It's obvious the future Hall of Fame center is upset with the way the NFL has handled Phillips' on-field actions from this past Sunday though and wants to see his teammates protected.

Kelce doubles down

Jason Kelce, Eagles, Super Bowl

Naturally, there are views and opinions from both sides and there was no shortage of them from Eagles and Bills fans after the audio clip hit social media. Perhaps rather unsurprisingly, the majority of Eagles fans are backing Kelce while Bills fans defend the actions of Phillips.

There were plenty of comments that criticized Kelce for going after Phillips and the Eagles lineman responded to one of them, hammering home his viewpoint on the matter.

“I have zero issue with players jumping offsides and making contact with offensive linemen on that play,” Kelce said on X (formerly Twitter). “That isn’t what happened. He showed no effort to stop once it was clear a play wasn’t being run, ran his feet and took a free shot at a defenseless teammate of mine.”

It is unclear whether the NFL will review that play or several others that could be deemed questionable from Phillips.