In the middle of the intense Philadelphia Eagles-San Francisco 49ers game, a scuffle broke out on the sidelines between 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw and Eagles security guard Big Dom. Both Greenlaw and Dom were seen shoving their hands at the other following a hit by Greenlaw that resulted in a personal-foul penalty. The resulting tiff ended with both Greenlaw and Dom getting ejected.

Eagles center Jason Kelce did not see the scuffle as that serious, understanding why both people got caught in the heat of the moment.

“Greenlaw was playing hard,” Kelce said on the New Heights podcast, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment. “It was a personal foul, but it's one of those ones where he's on the sideline, trying to make a play, and he's playing hard. I don't think it was that chippy. [Dom] was just trying to separate the two in the instance. Dom is not the first person, a coach, strength coach, staff member that has separated people on the sideline who are getting in each other's faces. Nobody wanted anything to happen. I know Dom and I trust what he was trying to do was just diffuse the situation”

“I don't think it's a huge deal either way. I always love when Big Dom's getting air time, even though this might not be one of the best reasons to. He means so much to this organization and a guy that a lot of players love in this building.”

Kelce's viewpoint differed from that of 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and linebacker Fred Warner. Both did not like that Dom got involved and was so close to the sideline when he's not a player.

There's a chance the NFL will take further action for this scuffle, but nothing has been decided yet.