Amazon MGM Studios’ Gato Grande has just greenlit a series adaptation of Emma Törzs’ fantasy novel Ink Blood Sister Scribe, Deadline exclusively reported.

Bronwyn Garrity will write and executive produce the series.

Ink Blood Sister Scribe… Streaming?

The story follows estranged half-sisters Esther and Joanna. Both grew up deep in magic and raised by a their father who has protected an ancient library of spells his entire life. They meet Nicholas, the last living scribe, and the sisters end up realizing that the magical business is bigger and more sinister than they expected.

They then find themselves in the middle of a worldwide conspiracy to control magic and those who were born to wield it. This conspiracy has been carried on by their own families. And this could end up destroying all of them… if they don’t take steps to destroy it first.

Törzs’ debut novel was released in 2023 and was chosen as Good Morning America’s Book Club Pick in June last year. It was also named one of New York Times’ “Notable Book of the Year” and “One of the Best Fantasy Novels of the Year.”

The author will also serve as executive producer alongside Gato Grande CEO Carla Gonzalez Vargas. Gato Grande VP of Film and TV Development Megan Espinoza will also produce the series.

“Ink was one of the most compelling novels released last year, and is the perfect fit for our first series based on American IP,” Gonzalez Vargas said.

“A global hit, Törsz’ story has been translated to a half dozen languages, and will now be translated to the screen by the incredible Bronwyn Garrity,” she added.

This series is Gato Grande’s first American property under its English-language division, newly launched in February.

Ink Blood Sister Scribe is at the fifth book adaptation from Amazon MGM Studios announced in the last year. Two of these are from Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society deal with the studio: Rebecca Yarros’ best-selling fantasy novel Fourth Wing and T-Minus, based on a Philip K. Dick short story A Little Something for Us Tempunauts. The other two are Ed Brubaker’s graphic novel Criminal and a Ryan Gosling film based on Andy Weir’s 2021 novel Project Hail Mary.