The Fast & Furious franchise — especially Fast X — is unashamed to kill and revive characters as they please. Luckily, the Vin Diesel-led franchise has shown some restraint when it comes to the late Paul Walker, at least for now, and the late actor's brother has thrown cold water on any cameos in the latest installment.

Warning: Spoilers for Fast X ahead

TMZ caught up with Cody Walker after Ludacris — who stars in Fast X —  received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Cody revealed that there are no cameos of Brian O'Conner (Paul Walker) in the latest film, though he's happy for Meadow Walker (Paul's daughter) getting to have a cameo in the film.

However, when it comes to the prospect of reviving him via CGI, Cody wasn't as definitive. He told TMZ that he is not involved in those decisions, meaning the door could be open should they choose to do that. Furious 7 was impacted by the death of Paul outside of just the emotional impact, and Cody and Caleb Walker, his brothers, served as body doubles along with John Brotherton for any remaining scenes yet to be shot with Paul in them. You likely remember the final scene where Brian and Dom (Vin Diesel) race as “See You Again” plays in the background and a montage of the pair's moments in the previous films is shown. For as cheesy as the films are, this was a shockingly touching moment.

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Since his death, Brian has only been mentioned in the films but not shown. It does create some clunky dialogue, but it's a respectful way of handling the character's fate of retirement rather than having to kill him off. At the end of F9, however, his car pulls up to the family barbeque but the film ends before you can see the inside of it. It does feel inevitable that Brian appears on-screen again, even if it's not in a major capacity. Whatever happens, the thing that matters most is that the Walker family approves of it.

Fast X is in theaters now.