The New York Giants are heading into a crucial 2024 season. Head coach Brian Daboll needs to show that the team is improving if he wants to keep his job. Meanwhile, the Giants have a lame duck QB in Daniel Jones who has a long injury history. How about one more problem — it is unclear who will be calling offensive plays for the Giants this fall.

According to Dan Benton of Giants Wire, it is uncertain who will call offensive plays in New York this season. Benton believes that assistant head coach Mike Kafka, who called plays last year, will lose that responsibility in 2024.

Kafka himself seemed to defer to Daboll's judgment on the matter.

“I think Dabes hasn’t really made a final call on that yet,” Kafka said of the play-calling duties. “We are going through the spring right now. It’s kind of too early to tell. Whatever decision he goes with, I fully support.”

Daboll called offensive plays for the Giants during OTAs and has before during his time with the Buffalo Bills. It would be surprising if he didn't call his own number this season.

Benton also spoke with Daboll, who praised Mike Kafka as a great teammate.

“Mike is a good teammate. Provides a lot of the value, has a lot of good insight,” Daboll said. “It’s been a really good collaborative process of ideas and it’s a good time now to go ahead and look at things and see how they do.”

We can expect to learn more about this situation later this summer during training camp.

Giants RB Devin Singletary confident that he can help replace Saquon Barkley's production in New York

May 30, 2024; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley (26) runs with the ball during practice at NovaCare Complex.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

One of the Giants' most important free agent signings this offseason was RB Devin Singletary. The former Buffalo Bill and Houston Texan comes to New York with some huge shoes to fill.

Former Giants superstar Saquon Barkley left the team this offseason, opting to sign with the division rival Philadelphia Eagles. He was an icon of the franchise for several years, and was arguably the engine of the entire offense.

Now that Barkley is gone, things will change for the Giants. Rookie wide receiver Malik Nabers is expected to shoulder a heavy workload in 2024. Singletary will also be expected to contribute at a high level right away.

Singletary is not worried about filling Barkley's role in New York's offense. He believes that he's up for the challenge.

“I’ve been in the league just like him … he’s only been in the league a year before me. … I feel like I’m a playmaker like him, so … I’m just gonna be me,” Singletary told The New York Post. “It’s been going well for me since I’ve been in the league, so that’s what I’m gonna keep doing.”

Singletary is more focused on winning games for the Giants than having to make up for the loss of Barkley.

“We ain’t really worried about ‘The Shadow of Saquon’ or none of that,” Singletary continued. “It’s just find ways to win games.”

Maybe what they say is true – winning fixes everything. I'm sure Giants fans will be quick to forget Saquon Barkley if the Giants can get back to playing winning football without him.