Quarterbacks in the modern era of the NFL need a throwing arm that could dominate multiple snaps. Lobbing the ball and letting it fly all the way to the receiver or tight end are the primary options to get the play starting. However, Daniel Jones showed that he can dart his passes more effectively during the New York Giants NFL Training Camp. Fans went absolutely wild over the lasers he threw to Parris Campbell and Jalin Hyatt during practice.

Creating team chemistry is the primary goal for most quarterbacks during NFL Training Camp. They are able to do this by running multiple snaps to different receivers and route runners. Everything starts off with a great read of the defense and eyeing which weapons are least covered. Daniel Jones seems to have a knack for these skills already. There have been multiple clips of him with the Giants that have impressed the whole of the football nation.

One of the highlights was his throw to Jalin Hyatt. Jones was fully covered by their safety Xavier McKinney. Despite the great defense, he still darted the ball all the way to his receiver.

Another clip saw the New York quarterback find Parris Campbell all the way from the middle of the field. He also hit them with a back-shoulder throw that was so calculated.

The arguable best throw during their Giants camp was when he hit a magnificent laser all the way to Campbell. This was all despite Tre Hawkins smothered the receiver.

Are these signs of a breakout season for their QB1?