It's fair to say that a good portion of the New York Giants fanbase is not too happy with Kenny Golladay. The former Lions wide receiver has gotten flak from fans for his sub-par production on the team. Golladay also didn't do himself any favors with his practice performance, with ESPN even noting he was “running routes this summer with the stiffness of a mannequin.” However, a recent development shows that maybe we should hold off on the roasting.

Speaking to reports, Giants GM Joe Schoen dropped a surprising update on Kenny Golladay. Schoen revealed that the wide receiver underwent surgery in the offseason. That injury kept him out during the spring, but he has been available during the summer. This is surprising news for most fans:

Golladay has been in the crosshairs of Giants fans the moment he signed his gargantuan contract with the team. The ex-Lions WR did not live up to expectations in Year 1. He posted just 521 yards in 14 games with no touchdowns. That's simply not the production you want from a $72 million wide receiver.

The criticism continued in the preseason, thanks in large part to Golladay's sub-par performance during the Giants' training camp. Countless videos of him half-heartedly running routes has fans raging at the wide receiver, and ESPN even noted

As for how the Kenny Golladay feels about this whole fiasco, the WR still believes he can find his old form.

Will the Giants get a glimpse of 2019 Kenny Golladay next season? Or will the wide receiver simply collapse under the immense pressure from his contract? The fans are certainly hoping that the former comes true.