With Goldeneye 007’s Xbox and Nintendo Switch releases, people have been talking about the classic on social media. However, it’s not at all smooth sailing, as various users on Twitter have commented that the Goldeneye 007’s Xbox version release has been a disaster.

Let me preface this article by saying that I don’t think the game itself is bad. Goldeneye 007 is one of my favorite games. I actually own an N64 and have played this game a lot since I was younger. The problem lies more in the disastrous Xbox port of the game. Let’s start off with what players can easily notice, which is the port’s graphics and sound.

As you can see in the video, the Xbox One X version of the game has some glaring problems. The “bad audio, wobbly polygons, and tearing geometry” is easily visible in the video. Not only that, but if you take a closer look at the ammo counter, you will see that it looks blurry and rough around the edges. Another user actually focused on this, showing a closer picture of the ammo counter.

User MrMario2011 noted in their Tweet that although the Xbox version of the game supports 4K60FPS, the graphics are just upscale of the original. This is easy to see from both the ammo counter and some of the other in-game graphics. User SKmaric also said that the Xbox port is “rough”. They brought up the canceled Xbox 360 port, which is circulating online. They mentioned the framerate, screen resolution, graphics toggle, and more.

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Another thing people brought up was the lack of online multiplayer for the Xbox port. To be fair, they previously announced that the Xbox version of the game will not have online multiplayer. However, the problem is that even if you’re not planning on playing online, you can’t play the game offline. That is, you still need to connect to the internet if you want to play this game. User calcran4401 listed in their tweet some of the problems the game has with regard to online playability. Yes, as mentioned above, the Xbox version really doesn’t have online multiplayer. However, it’s a huge problem that you can’t play it when you don’t have an internet connection.

Not only that, but calcran4401 also noted that the game “isn’t free if you own the disc”, as well as the fact that you can’t access the game through Rare Replay. This is a very important bit, as Rare Ltd. said that players can play the game if they have Rare Replay. For those not in the know, Rare Replay is a compilation of 30 games made by Rare Ltd. throughout their 30 years of game development.



As it turns out, not everyone who owns Rare Replay will be getting a free copy of the game. As explained by user ModernVintageG on Twitter, expounding on Rare Ltd.’s tweet, only players who own a digital copy of Rare Replay, as well as Xbox Gamepass subscribers, will get a free copy of Goldeneye 007. If you own a physical disk, you need to either subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass, buy a digital version of Rare Replay, or buy the game itself. Either way, you will be spending more than you should have.

Again, I’m not saying that the game itself is bad. I was able to get hours upon hours of enjoyment of the game. It just sucks that after years of waiting, this kind of quality is what players get. Goldeneye 007 is a very important game in the gaming industry. Its various gameplay mechanics became building blocks for the modern first-person shooter. It deserved better than this.

That’s all the information we have about the disaster that is the Goldeneye 007 Xbox release. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.