After months of waiting, the Green Bay Packers have officially traded Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets. It was a convoluted trade that ultimately sent Rodgers to the Jets and ended the quarterback's 18 year tenure with the Packers.

Alongside Rodgers, the Jets also acquired the Packers No. 15 overall pick and a fifth-round selection in the 2023 NFL Draft, via Adam Schefter of ESPN. In turn, New York gave the Packers their No. 13 overall pick, a second round and a fourth-round pick in 2023. Furthermore, Green Bay acquired a conditional second-round 2024 NFL Draft pick that could become a first-rounder if Rodgers plays 65 percent of the plays.

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It clearly took a lot of leg work for the trade to reach its conclusion. However, it seemed evident that Rodgers would eventually join the Jets. New York now has its new face while Green Bay starts over with Jordan Love.

Both sides have very different intentions when entering Aaron Rodgers trade talks. Now that the deal is done, both the Jets and Packers got exactly what they were looking for.

Jets Haul 

The Jets were in desperate need of a starting quarterback. Zach Wilson quickly proved that he wasn't the answer at quarterback. All offseason, it seemed like Rodgers was their target. Anything less than acquiring the former MVP would've been deemed a failure.

To acquire Rodgers, the Jets moved back two spots in the first round in 2023 while giving up either another two second-rounders or a second-round pick and a first-round pick. However, at least when it comes to the NFL Draft, New York isn't tied to Rodgers beyond 2024.

The fact there was a clause in his deal depending on playing time shows that New York pondered a deal for Rodgers carefully. However, if that pick does become a first-rounder, that means Rodgers has played a predominant amount of snaps. Ultimately, the Jets goal is to get Rodgers under center.

Moving two spots back this year, the Jets get to add another potential star on top of Rodgers in the first-round. That'll certainly please the QB as he looks to win a ring in New York. The Jets were dead set on landing Rodgers and did so without giving up too much of the future.

Packers Return

Green Bay was almost forced into an Aaron Rodgers trade. After the quarterback went on the Pat McAfee Show and stated his intentions to play for the Jets, his time with the Packers came to a close. However, Green Bay wasn't going to let him go for cheap.

While they don't pick up an extra first-rounder in 2023, the Packers do move up a few spots. They've guaranteed themselves at least two extra second-round picks over the next two years. If Rodgers shines in New York, it'll give the Packers another pick in the first-round.

With Rodgers having one foot out of the door, it was impressive of the Packers to land three extra picks inside the first two rounds. While he is a legend, Rodgers is an aging QB on a massive contract. If the Packers had to trade him, they got plenty back in return.

The one downside is the Packers now must turn to Jordan Love. While Love is a former first-round pick, he has just one start in his NFL career. Green Bay has to be happy with what they got back. But even if losing Rodgers was an inevitability, it'll still hurt their play on the field.

Final Trade Grades

Losing Aaron Rodgers will hurt the Packers in the short-term. In his 18 years with the team, he won 147 games, earned 10 Pro Bowl appearances, four MVPs and of course a Super Bowl title. While his time in Green Bay ended in bad taste, he'll still be considered a legend.

As the Packers look to regroup after Rodgers, they'll have plenty of draft capital to work with. While Love might be shaky, Green Bay now has the arsenal and draft capital to completely change their organization's identity.

The Jets made their intentions clear with this trade. They have opened up their Super Bowl window with Rodgers under center. Even if Rodgers does retire abruptly, they know right now they have a chance to compete. After years of being an AFC East cellar dweller, the Jets are ready to take their crown.

Both franchises will look much different in 2023. In a trade that seemed inevitable, the Jets win out simply because they now have Aaron Rodgers. But the Packers certainly aren't losers in their own right.

Jets Grade: A

Packers Grade: B+