The Green Bay Packers are a team in crisis; after winning three of their first four games to start the season, the team suddenly find themselves in the midst of a five-game losing streak, which is the most consecutive losses since all the way back in 2008, when Aaron Rodgers initially began his reign under center. With the trade deadline officially passed and the wide receiving corps still lacking in that marquee-level performer who can make Rodgers’ life a little easier on the outside, the Packers are looking at a short-term schedule that includes the Cowboys, then the Titians, and then the Eagles before their next “easy” game, when they face off against a Chicago Bears team who actually loaded up on additional talent at the deadline in ex-Pittsburgh Steelers second-round pick Chase Claypool.

Morale is down, fans want to see change – namely the firing of head coach Matt LeFleur – and folks are beginning to wonder if football fans have collectively seen the end of Rodgers’ Regime in Wisconsin.

Goodness, things are going so poorly that even the team’s beat writers, typically a force tasked with calling balls and strikes while speaking truth to power, have started to voice their concern with how things are going and have lamented that they may not get to cover a playoff berth for the fourth-straight season. When even the writers are in awe at the team’s horrendous loss to the Lions, you know things aren’t going great.

The Green Packers’ writers lament the team’s ugly loss to Detroit.

When the clock hit 00:00 at the end of the fourth quarter, and the Green Bay Packers were officially handed their sixth loss of the season, fans, foes, and beat writers took to Twitter in an attempt to express their opinions of what went wrong.

“An embarrassing performance from the Packers, mainly on offense,” Matt Schneidman of The Athletic tweeted. “To score nine points on the worst defense in the NFL is inexcusable. They’re 3-6, with the Cowboys, Titans, and Eagles up next. Their season is all but over.”

Technically speaking, Schneidman is correct; the Lions currently rank 32nd league-wide in points surrendered and 32nd overall league-wide in yards allowed per game, according to Pro Football Reference. They rank 27th in passing yards-per-game, 24th in touchdowns-per-game, and had only two interceptions on the season heading into the game, a number which has now more than doubled thanks to a three-pick game by Rodgers.

“Final in Detroit: Lions 15,  Packers 9. A five-game losing streak,” Ryan Wood of USA Today tweeted. “Their first since Aaron Rodgers’ initial season as a starting QB in 2008. At 3-6, almost impossible to think this season isn’t over. In reality, (the) Packers were a perfect get-right opponent for a Lions team that couldn’t hang onto second-half leads.”

Goodness, when Wood declared that the Packers were a good tune-up opponent for the Lions, who haven’t had a winning season since Romeo Doubs was a senior in high school, you know you have a problem.

“Packers lose in Detroit and got absolutely wrecked on the injury front,” Zach Kruse of The Packers Wire tweeted. “Even in the NFC, not sure how Matt LaFleur’s team recovers from this. It’s pretty close to “‘play for pride’ season in Green Bay.”

Speaking of Packers head coach Matt LeFlaur, what does he have to say about his team’s on-field product? Did the Packers effectively pack it in both against the Lions and seemingly for the remainder of the season? Fortunately, ESPN Green Bay Packers reporter Rob Demovsky swooped in and got a choice quote from the still-current Packers head coach immediately following the game during his media availability. 

“I would be concerned if I saw guys not competing out there,” LeFlaur told the media after his team’s 15-9 loss. “I didn’t see that. I saw us not taking advantage of certain opportunities and making way too many mistakes.”

Is LeFlaur correct? Have the Packers stuck together despite having just suffered one of the worst losses of the Rodgers era, and the issues simply came down to a lack of execution? Or will Packers fans soon be watching Jordan Love under center in a more full-time role as Rodgers prepares to jump ship to, say, San Francisco, for the final act of his career closer to his collegiate home of Berkley, California? With games left to play against the Cowboys, Titans, and Eagles on the board, it’s tough to identify where the team is able to turn things around and make a serious run in a tough NFC Conference.