As we gear up for the upcoming 2023 NFL season, folks who love playing fantasy football are really getting into the swing of things. They're diving deep into player stats and trying to predict who's going to rock the field this season. One player that's been catching a lot of eyes in the world of fantasy football is super-talented Denver Broncos tight end Greg Dulcich. This guy's got some serious skills, and it looks like he might be a big win for fantasy teams. How did Greg do in the 2022 NFL season and how does he stack up against other players in his position? What we can expect from him in the 2023 season in the realm of fantasy football? We will break it all down in this piece.

2022 NFL Season Performance

In the last NFL season, Greg Dulcich really made a name for himself on the field. Even though he was a rookie, he quickly got the hang of playing at the professional level and proved he could be counted on by Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. Dulcich does have some fancy footwork when it comes to running routes. He also has reliable hands and a knack for leaving defenders in the dust.

The Denver Broncos brought Greg on board in May 2022 after snagging him in the third round of the draft. As the season rolled on, he just kept getting better and better, becoming a key player in the Broncos' offense. He finished the season with 411 receiving yards on 33 catches and two touchdowns. He saw action in 10 games for Denver.

Arguably his best game was in week eight against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In that win, Dulcich had four catches for 87 yards. He averaged 21.8 yards per catch with a long of 38 yards. Those numbers show he's got a knack for making the big plays that can really turn a game around. As time went on, he got more in sync with Wilson and became a trusted target, especially when things got tight.

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How He Compares

When we're trying to figure out how good a player might be for our fantasy football team, we've got to see how they compare to other players in the same position. Greg Dulcich has a lot going for him. He could easily climb the ranks to be one of the top tight ends in the league.

Now, remember, there's some tough competition out there for Greg. He's not the only talented tight end on the block. But the cool thing is, he's got a set of skills that make him stand out. With his size, speed, and all-around athleticism, he's looking like he could become a real favorite for the Broncos' quarterbacks. Right now, we have Dulcich among the top 15 TEs entering the 2023 season. He's slotted there alongside guys like Gerald Everett and Cole Kmet.

Team Prospects

People are really pumped about what the Denver Broncos might do in the 2023 NFL season. Keep in mind that they pretty much played well below expectations in 2022. They still have Wilson under center with a new head coach in Sean Payton. Broncos fans hope this new combination will produce much more than five wins throughout the season.

Having coach Payton may end up being great news for players like Greg Dulcich, who can expect more opportunities to shine. Greg's role is set to grow as he's proven himself in his first season and is being looked at as a key player to watch during training camp. The Broncos' offensive strategy, which makes good use of tight ends, gives Dulcich an even brighter fantasy football outlook. If the Broncos do well in the upcoming season, it's going to boost his value in fantasy football, and he could end up being one of those players that makes a splash. So, keep an eye on Dulcich as the season unfolds.

2023 Fantasy Outlook

Now, let's get to the good stuff – Greg Dulcich's fantasy football future for the 2023 NFL season. As he heads into his second year in the league, Greg's got a lot of potential to build on his rookie success and become an even bigger force on the field.

There's something cool about the Broncos' offensive game plan. Coach Payton surely knows how to work those tight ends to their fullest potential. This could mean big things for Dulcich, giving him the chance to shine in the passing game.

He has also already shown he's got what it takes to turn heads. That's not going unnoticed by fantasy football strategists. People who know their stuff are likely going to be eyeing him up during their drafts. This is only going to drive up his fantasy league value. So, don't be surprised if Dulcich becomes one of those players everyone's clamoring to get on their team.

In fact, some experts are suggesting that it might be a smart move to consider drafting Greg in the later rounds as a potential top-tier tight end. He's got the skills to potentially snag that No. 1 tight end spot. In addition, if he starts the season with a bang, he could take off. In Dynasty leagues, where you're thinking long-term, Dulcich can be a top-12 option who could make a serious leap if he grabs that No. 1 spot and starts playing like a fantasy football star.

Looking Ahead

So, there you have it – Greg Dulcich's fantasy football projection for the 2023 NFL season. With his impressive start, his unique abilities, and the Broncos' game plan, it's looking like he could be a real game-changer in fantasy football. As he keeps growing and making a name for himself in the league, Dulcich has the potential to be a real asset for fantasy teams. Anyone serious about their fantasy football game should definitely keep a close watch on him. He could very well be the breakout star of the season.