Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has been on the headlines once again after it was rumored that the firearm he flashed in his recent IG Live scandal was a “toy gun.” However, NBA fans are not buying it.

For those who missed it, a rumor recently emerged claiming that Morant's camp argued with Commissioner Adam Silver to prove that the superstar guard actually had a “toy gun” in his latest gun issue, per Claudia Jordan of The Breakfast Club. Apparently, the alleged toy gun came from Morant's relative sitting on the backseat of the car where they made the IG Live. Unfortunately, it reportedly didn't do anything and that Silver and co. have decided to give the Grizzlies youngster a 30-game suspension.

With the video going viral, several NBA fans couldn't help but chime in on the issue. A lot of people called cap on the talks, with many criticizing Ja Morant and his team for the lame excuse.

“Ja Morant's PR people couldn't come up with a better excuse than ‘it was a toy gun'?!” one commenter said.

Another Twitter user said, “Ja Morant has some stupid people around him. A toy gun?!? Come on B!!!”

“Morant's camp claiming the gun was a toy gun reeks of desperation. What an unserious group of people,” a third critic shared.

Here are more reactions to the Morant toy gun issue:

It remains to be seen what the NBA will really do with Ja Morant's case. However, as Adam Silver said recently, they will announce their findings on the matter and decision when the NBA Finals is over.