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Heat veteran Udonis Haslem ejected 3 minutes into season debut after dustup with Dwight Howard

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Miami Heat OG Udonis Haslem is one 40-year-old whom opposing players would not want to mess with during games. Haslem has been through enough skirmishes in his 18-year career to make Dwight Howard’s 6-foot-10 265-pound frame look anything but imposing.

During Thursday night’s showdown between the Heat and Philadelphia 76ers, emotions got out of control with Haslem and Howard at the center of it all.

If one would take a second look at Haslem’s reaction after being shoved by Howard onto the floor, the grizzled Heat veteran seemed to have an unusually sheepish grin that could easily translate to “Oh, it’s going down for sure.”

Howard has had his fair share of technical fouls this season but after this exchange, Haslem skyrocketed to the top of Mt. Technical Foul if Ts-per-minute were taken into consideration.

Does Haslem care? A safe bet is NO.

The veteran big man has seen it all. He wallowed in the Heat’s dog days. He swam in champagne when the team won the title in 2006, 2012, and 2013. At this stage in his career, Haslem is all about being the leader and locker room voice who will guide this new-age Miami squad looking to establish itself as a perennial powerhouse in the Eastern Conference.

Haslem has himself the perfect successor in Jimmy Butler—if he isn’t already. They both bring the toughness and smashmouth brand of leadership that make Pat Riley smile from ear to ear.

Let’s be real. His presence on the court won’t be missed by the Heat but he already did enough in almost three minutes to send a message to the Sixers that his boys won’t stand for any kind of tomfoolery on the hardwood.