Helen Mirren opened up about working with Harrison Ford for over 30 years. Back in 1986, they played a couple on The Mosquito Coast, and now they're reuniting as an on screen couple again in the Yellowstone spinoff. During a People interview, Mirren talked about how he was the same person and how he was different.

“In his essence, Harrison Ford is the same person he was when I first met him. Impatient with the annoying sides of the great fame that had settled upon him, adult sycophancy, loss of privacy, etc., and yet immeasurably patient and kind to starstruck kids so excited to see their hero,” Mirren said. “His privacy was a profoundly protected place.”

She continued, sharing how he served as a mentor to her: “His work was always beautifully designed and constructed, like the carpentry he was so well known for, and I was deeply impressed with his understanding and use of the techniques of film acting. He taught me a lot through my observations. He was professional, guarded, and mysterious, and I was both fascinated and intimidated.”

“Then 30 years of amazing life happened to both of us, and now we are reconnected, and I find a person not guarded, unafraid of feelings and expressing them; generous, funny, as professional as ever, and still impatient with stardom,” Mirren added.

The actress continued, delving into what makes Ford a star. “I think the element that makes him the legend that he is and will be is that sense of being the kind of guy you would call when your car got stuck in a ditch and also completely understand why you were so upset about your cat dying and shed some tears with you. He is a real god-given movie star, but also a chap, a geezer, a guy, a bloke and a mensch,” she said hilariously. “And along with millions of others, I love him.”

See Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford in the Yellowstone spin off 1923.