As if the witch hunt wasn’t enough, people are now posting Hogwarts Legacy spoilers on social media sites like Twitter, as well as on the Twitch and YouTube streams of those currently playing the game.

Perhaps the most anticipated and most controversial of early 2023, Hogwarts Legacy has been the hottest topic in social media in recent days. This especially increased during the game’s 72-hour early play period for those who pre-ordered the game. In light of this, people have called on social media to boycott the game, be it by not buying the game or by not watching the streamers streaming it. Some streamers have even refused to stream during the period when Twitch drops for the game are available.

However, the boycott was not the only thing that happened, sadly. Players who got a copy of the game became the target of harassment, whether it be through hurtful comments on streams, or on social media. All someone has to do is post something even remotely related to Hogwarts Legacy, and chances are they will be met with these kinds of comments. Twitch couple Girlfriend Reviews was the most known victim of said harassment, although they are not the only ones who were affected.

Lately, however, it would seem that they changed their tactics. They have now taken to posting spoilers about the game. In particular, they posted about how the game ends. They also spoiled an important plot point for one of the side questlines.  These two Hogwarts Legacy spoiler points are now spreading all over social media, such as on Twitter and Facebook. It has also found its way to the Twitch and Youtube streams of those playing Hogwarts Legacy.

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While this is definitely a step down compared to calling people names on stream, it is still pretty bad, especially for those who were looking forward to enjoying this game. People have started comparing it to back when the sixth book in the series was first released. A man in a car spoiled an important plot point for those who were lining up to buy the book. It’s like history is repeating itself, only that the reason for people spoiling the game has changed.

Some people have theorized that one of the probable reasons why they have changed tactics was because the boycott seemingly failed. Hogwarts Legacy broke the record for the most viewed streaming category on Twitch, receiving 1.2 million concurrent viewers. Not only that, but the Steam version of the game had the highest number of concurrent players out of all Warner Bros games. It has also surpassed other well-known games on Steam. This includes Grand Theft Auto V, Rust, Destiny 2, and Fallout 4. Of course, this is just one possible explanation.

I would like to again reiterate that this article is not meant to defend Hogwarts Legacy, JK Rowling, or the Harry Potter IP. This article aims to update people on the current situation regarding the game. People are allowed to fight for what they believe is right. However, we must also be careful that will not cross the line, lest we become the very thing we are fighting against. Harassment is never okay, no matter who the victim is.

That’s all the information we have about the Hogwarts Legacy spoilers situation. For more gaming news from us, you can check out our gaming news articles.