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‘I’m the only one who got traded’: AJ Brown takes shot at Titans amid DK Metcalf, Deebo Samuel extensions

AJ Brown Eagles Titans Deebo Samuel DK Metcalf

It’s been a good offseason to be a wide receiver in 2022, with teams coughing up the big bucks to lock up their guys throughout the past couple of months. Add AJ Brown to that tally. After the Tennessee Titans traded him to the Philadelphia Eagles, he signed a four-year, $100 million deal to catch passes from quarterback Jalen Hurts.

He’s one of a long list of wideouts who have gotten the bag and the latest from the 2019 NFL Draft class to do so. AJ Brown’s peers in Deebo Samuel, DK Metcalf, and Terry McLaurin all got huge deals of around the same AAV as he did. The big difference is that those guys got paid by the team that drafted them while Brown was shipped out after refusing a deal for below market value.

With Deebo and DK locking up their deals just days apart from each other, Brown spoke up about the criticism he had received over how his tenure ended with the Titans:

Basically all 4 of us got the same contract and I’m the only one got traded… yeah keep believing it was me . Anywho Go Birds, said AJ Brown.

While AJ Brown’s overall dollar figure comes out higher as the only one among the four to actually hit nine figures and get a fourth year, the annual salary and guarantees on all four deals are all within the same ballpark.

DK Metcalf got the most guaranteed money at $58.2 million while Deebo Samuel wasn’t far behind at $58.1. AJ Brown actually got less in guarantees with $57 million while Terry McLaurin was a shade below the three at around $53 million. All four are within the $22-25 million range.

Brown hasn’t been bashful to speak up about the failed negotiations with the Titans, who he claims didn’t even offer him a deal worth $20 million per year. He stated that he would have stayed for $22 million but got rewarded with a bump in salary from the Eagles.