Joey Votto has reached the end of his guaranteed contract with the Cincinnati Reds. Is this the end of the road for the former NL MVP? The Reds have the option to pick up the final year of his contract for $20 million, but they seem likely to pay a $7 million buyout instead. Despite retirement rumors, Votto himself said he wants to play at least one more season, preferably with the Reds. However, he would consider playing for another team if Cincinnati chooses to move on, he revealed on The Dan Patrick Show.

Votto's last two seasons have been unproductive by his standards, barely outpacing the dreaded Mendoza line. Injuries and age are the primary culprits for his decline. He just turned 40 years old last month. Following the retirements of Miguel Cabrera and Adam Wainwright, Votto is among the five oldest players in the majors.

It's difficult to see Votto suiting up for any other team than the Reds, as he's spent the last 17 seasons with the club. However, in the wake of an explosion of young talent in Cincinnati, there might just not be room for Votto to have a meaningful role anymore. He could probably opt for a bench spot with the team, but he may want a more significant role if he wishes to keep playing into his 40s.

Through Votto's 17 seasons, he's racked up 2,135 hits (most among active players), 356 homers, and 1,135 RBIs, all while slashing .294/.409/.511. One of the greatest pure hitters to ever play the game, Votto will certainly be a Hall of Fame candidate when he does choose to retire.