Iconic martial artist and actor Jackie Chan is facing scrutiny as reports shed light on his strained relationship with his daughter. Social media users were initially fooled by a clip featuring Chan and his daughter, believing it to be a heartwarming moment from a movie. However, the truth surrounding Chan's daughter, Etta Ng Chok-Lam, paints a different picture, according to Newsweek. Multiple sources indicate that she is currently living in poverty with her wife in Canada.

While some unverified reports suggested that Etta Ng was homeless in Hong Kong, she has accused her parents, including Chan, of homophobia. Etta, also known as “Xiao Long Nu” in the media, has publicly expressed her perspective on her relationship with her biological father. She has stated that although Jackie Chan is her biological father, they do not share a close bond. Etta emphasized that he has been absent from her life, leading her to not consider him as her father.

Despite the strained relationship with her father, Etta's connection with her mother, Elaine Ng, remains strong. The pair lead private lives in Hong Kong.

In 2017, Etta uploaded a video on YouTube, where she introduced herself and shed light on their difficult situation. In the emotional video, she revealed their experience of homelessness due to alleged homophobia from her parents. Calling for help, she disclosed that they had been sleeping under a bridge and enduring other hardships.

Jackie Chan has rarely spoken about his daughter Etta in public. However, during the promotion of his 2013 movie, “Police Story 2013,” he shared his feelings regarding his daughter. Reflecting on a scene in the film where his on-screen daughter walks away from him, Chan revealed that it struck a sensitive chord, bringing him to tears on set. He admitted that the scene reminded him of his daughter, Etta, and expressed regret for neglecting her for an extended period.