The Jacksonville Jaguars are making their case on Sunday as they square off against the Minnesota Vikings. While the Vikings put out their best efforts to maintain a small lead over the Jaguars in the final minutes, Jacksonville still forced a way into keeping the contest going.

James Robinson was able to pummel his way into the end zone to give the Jaguars a fighting chance of only being down two with minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. His efforts didn't go to waste after the Jaguars converted a two-point conversion, forcing the game to go into overtime.

The Jaguars are only 1-10 coming into Week 13. While they were able to start the season with a Week 1 win against the Indianapolis Colts, it's been downhill in their times since. While their season is mostly over despite having a few games remaining for the year, they have a chance to improve their overall record on Sunday given that they can hold off the Vikings in overtime.

The score is currently tied at 24 with less than eight minutes remaining in the period. Mike Glennon has continued his efforts in being a decent replacement for Gardner Minshew, though he's had his troubles so far against Vikings. He's completed 66.7 percent of his passes for one touchdown.