He might be 43 years of age and three years out of the NBA, but Jamal Crawford has still got it. The three-time Sixth Man of the Year was an unstoppable scorer at the zenith of his two-decade career in the big league, and those abilities certainly haven't deserted him if his latest performance in The CrawsOver Pro-Am League is anything to go by.

Crawford racked up a huge 51 points during the game, one point less than the most he ever scored in the NBA, a feat he achieved in 2007 against the Chicago Bulls. What's more, Crawford also dished out 11 assists in this recent matchup, meaning he would have been directly responsible for well over 70 of his team's points.

The CrawsOver League is presented by Crawford himself and is free to enter, but tryouts are held to determine who gets to play. According to the league's website, “If you got game, you can play.” Clearly, Crawford isn't playing against exclusively NBA caliber talent, but the guys he's up against are no slouches, either, and some NBA players have appeared at the event.

Jamal Crawford's ability to get a bucket seemingly at will was a feature of his game during his illustrious career in the NBA. He was a great mover in his day, with his agility and lateral movement enabling him to easily get up shots from all over the court, but his play style was such that even without the same level of athleticism that he had in his 20s he was still able to score heavily. Three years after he last played at the top level, clearly nothing has changed.