The New York Jets are entering the 2023 season with the highest of expectations. They feel like a blockbuster movie waiting to be released. They’ve got their director (head coach Robert Saleh), supporting cast — all they needed was their star. Aaron Rodgers is now top billing. Now, will the movie be a hit?

Like any coming soon movie, the 2023 Jets get a trailer, giving us a glimpse of what we can expect from them this season.

Actually, you can already go ahead and watch the first full episode of Flight 23: Ascension. But that’s not the point. The point is that the Jets are documenting what they hope is a cinematic journey with a Hollywood ending.

Watching that trailer feels like a Mission: Impossible movie trailer. If there were a synopsis it would read like this:

Agent Aaron Rodgers is back!

The former Green Bay agent Rodgers has moved on, after essentially removing himself from the agency he once called home for 16 years. Now, the jet-setting agent takes on the metropolis of New York on a new, harrowing mission, one where new and old enemies alike are after him. This time, the mission is greater, the stakes are higher, and the room for error is smaller. Agent Rodgers must prove once, and maybe for the final time, this is not a mission: impossible.

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Whether by choice or fate, Rodgers will be labeled as the hopeful savior for the Jets. It’s inevitable. He’ll be asked to create a revival in New York by the mere mention of his name. Just like Tom Cruise’s name holds weight to a movie, Aaron Rodgers’ name holds weight to the team he’s playing for. His name merits enough to warrant grand expectations, especially to a team that has had little historically.

The intellectual property (i.p.) of the Jets holds little to no value these days. As far as a quarterback, the stars of every team, the Jets haven’t had a reliable one since Joe Namath. The Dallas Cowboys, the Marvel movies of the NFL, sell because they’re the Cowboys. The Jets aren’t that way, at least not any longer. They needed a star not only to help them win but to make them relevant.

Unlike movies now where it’s more about the i.p. selling the movie than the actual star(s), like Cruise, Rodgers sells the franchise of the Jets. Not the other way around. The Jets have five primetime games this season to prove it, in comparison to last year’s one. He’s completely reinvigorated a once lost franchise just with his name on the poster. He not only sells tickets and jerseys, he sells hopes and dreams.

But just because you have a star for the movie, that doesn’t mean the ending will be good.

The Jets haven’t had a winning season since 2015 while missing the playoffs since 2010. It’s been year after year of disappointment. Can one veteran quarterback really change that and turn a decade of misery into one year of bliss?

The fate of New York and the Jets is solely in Aaron Rodgers’ hands. But is this a mission even too large for him? If he can’t save them, then who can? The Jets banked the future of their entire franchise when they traded for him. If not now, if not with Rodgers — what then? This can’t be a mission that’s impossible, right?

Your mission, Mr. Rodgers, should you choose to accept it, is to win a Super Bowl with the New York Jets. As always, should you or any of your teammates lose or get injured, the fanbase will disavow any knowledge of your actions, followed by immense ridicule. This season has the ability to self-destruct in five weeks or less. Good luck, Mr. Rodgers.