There has been a lot of speculation that Adam Gase will pick the next general manager of the New York Jets, but according to Gase, CEO and chairman, Christopher Johnson will make the decision.

Thursday, in Gase's first press conference since the Jets fired Mike Maccagnan, he said that they are still in the beginning stages of the process and right now are identifying candidates.

“We’ve been working to really kind of finalizing what we’re thinking as far as people,” Gase said via Pro Football Talk.

Although those comments seem like Gase is making the decision he made clear he is just doing his part to help Johnson make the decision.

“We’re doing our part,” Gase said. “There’s a group of us working on this.”

Gase also doesn't think it's important that he has a previous relationship with the new General Manager, but it's key the two guys can work together. He also won't be just a “yes man” and will give pushback when he thinks it needs to happen.

“I don’t really hang out with ‘yes’ men,” Gase said. “If it’s someone I already know, it won’t be a ‘yes’ man.”

The former Miami Dolphins head man knows that whoever is hired as general manager will have final say over the roster, but he is going to give his opinions and it will be a team effort to construct it.

This is still an interesting scenario because usually, general managers want to hire their coach, not the other way around so this will be an interesting next few years for the Jets.