The New Jets continue to struggle to get above .500 as the 2023-24 season progresses. The Jets hoped to make a push for the NFL Playoffs after they acquired Aaron Rodgers. However, Rodger's Achilles injury has changed the team's plans. The veteran QB shared his thoughts on a potential return to the team amid their struggles.

Aaron Rodgers reveals his sentiments on a late-season return to the Jets

These were Rodgers' comments on returning to the Jets if New York is out of the playoff picture:

“I don't think that would make a ton of sense. I don't know what the team is going to feel about that…it would be a risk for myself, for the team to sign off on. If we're out of it, I would be surprised if they would OK that, to come back,” Rodgers said, per The Athletic.

Rodgers has a valid point. It would be wise to give the veteran QB as much recovery as possible, especially if the Jets cannot make the Playoffs.

New York has an uphill battle as December approaches. The Jets are 4-7 and have a third-place spot in the AFC East. The team has lost four games in a row. However, that does not mean they are unable to turn things around.

The Jets are preparing for a cross-conference matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is in a similar position to New York, given their 5-6 record and steep NFL Playoffs push. The Jets have a chance to get a win on their home field and build momentum late in the season.