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Joey Bosa surprised to learn that Philip Rivers has eight kids

joey bosa

The Chargers are 10 games into the 2016 season, and rookie Joey Bosa is only beginning to get to know his teammates. Part of that is Bosa’s complete focus on the gridiron, but it’s also a testament to the difficult task of bonding with 52 teammates in short order.

You’d think he’d know more about Philip Rivers, though.

As many NFL fans are aware of, Rivers and his wife have a grand total of eight kids. Bosa’s reaction to that fact is nothing short of entertaining.

On Tuesday, Bosa spent some time signing autographs at the Chargers’ annual blood drive, and he learned a lot about the community in the process.

Rivers has been a big part of that community for a long time, along with his eight kids.

During an interview with the Mighty 1090, Bosa was asked about the one thing he recently learned about Rivers that he didn’t know before. The way he framed his answer is perfect:

“I didn’t know about all of his kids. I didn’t know he had a whole friggin’ troupe behind him.”

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