During a candid interview on “The Howard Stern Show,” John Cena revealed a surprising insight into his decision-making process regarding a potential cameo appearance in Greta Gerwig's “Barbie” movie. Despite his agency advising against the cameo role, Cena chose to follow his instincts rather than heed their guidance, Deadline reports.

Cena expressed his belief that he is not merely a commodity but a human being, operating under the philosophy that every opportunity is worth considering. Despite concerns from his agency about the potential impact on his future leading roles, Cena remained steadfast in his determination to seize every opportunity that came his way.

The unexpected turn of events occurred when John Cena, filming his role in “Fast X” nearby, coincidentally encountered Margot Robbie on the studio lot where “Barbie” was being shot. Robbie, a star in the film, extended an invitation to Cena to join the project, ultimately convincing him to take on the role of a mermaid Barbie.

While Cena's agency viewed the role as beneath him, he respected their perspective while asserting his autonomy in making the final decision. Recognizing the potential career implications, Cena weighed the risks against the opportunity for growth and decided to pursue the cameo.

Although Cena parted ways with his previous agency last May and signed with William Morris Endeavor, he refrained from attributing blame, instead focusing on his commitment to making decisions aligned with his values and aspirations. Currently, Cena is actively promoting his new movie, “Ricky Stanicky,” slated for release on Prime Video on March 7.

Cena's revelation sheds light on the complexities of navigating the entertainment industry, where talent must balance external advice with personal convictions. By choosing to trust his instincts and embrace opportunities beyond his perceived lane, Cena exemplifies a willingness to chart his own course in Hollywood.