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Jordan Bell hilariously calling out site for false advertising

Jordan Bell

There are a lot of websites on the internet looking for a quick buck. Many people just want to earn something very quickly and thus decided to do everything to achieve that. One of the things they are willing to do is false advertise.

However, they have to be very careful when doing so. As one person found out, using social media to false advertise can turn and bite you.

One Twitter user claimed he had a game worn jersey from Golden State Warriors rookie Jordan Bell. He was selling it on a website called Fanatics, and was seeking close to $150 for the jersey. However, there was one small issue.

Bell was tagged in the post, so he naturally saw it in his mentions. After he saw it, Bell decided to call out one mistake the seller made. In a Twitter post made in response to the advertisement, Bell confirmed that he never wore no. 5, which was the number on the jersey. Bell, of course, during his time at Oregon, wore number one.

Bell was drafted by the Chicago Bulls, with the 38th selection in the 2017 NBA Draft. However, he was traded to the Warriors for cash considerations.

Bell is known for being an amazing defender, and many called him a mini-Draymond Green.