Kevin Costner was visibly moved as his Horizon: An American Saga earned a seven-minute standing ovation at Cannes.

Variety reports that the actor was in tears over the reception it received during the film festival on Sunday evening. Beyond the clapping, there were chants of his name. It doesn't get much better than that.

The actor, taking it all in, was (obviously) happy about the response. He let the audience know during a speech after the movie was shown, trying to hold back tears.

“I'm sorry you had to clap that long for me to understand that I should speak,” he said while on stage. “Such good people. Such a good moment, not just for me, but for the actors that came with me, for the people who believed in me who continued to work. It's a funny business, and I'm so glad I found it. There's no place like here. I'll never forget this — either will my children.”

About Horizon: An American Saga

The film is a two-part glimpse of the American West in the 19th Century and its expansion. It's told from various viewpoints, such as that of Natives who lived on the land before settlers moved in, farmers, cattle ranchers, and soldiers.

Costner poured a lot of his money into the $100M+ film he stars in, directed, produced, and co-wrote.

The actor stars as Hayes Ellison. It also features Sienna Miller (Frances Kittredge), Sam Worthington (First Lt. Trent Gephardt), Giovanni Ribisi (Roland Bailey), and Danny Huston (Colonel Houghton).

The first installment began filming in August 2022, and the second installment was shot starting in May 2023. Costner plans on creating four Horizon films in total.

It had a great reception at Cannes, but that said, it's a long movie, and many festivalgoers didn't stick around for the whole thing. It has a three-hour runtime, which is a wee bit too much for some to handle.

Beyond Cannes, the movie will open in the U.S. on June 28, and the second chapter will be released in theaters on August 16.

Along with attending the festival and showing Horizon, Costner posted recently about the death of his Yellowstone co-star, Dabney Coleman, who played John Dutton Sr.

In the post, Kevin wrote: “One of the most heart-wrenching scenes I've been a part of. What an honor to have gotten to work with Dabney Colman. May he rest in peace.”

The post also features a photo of them on the hit series.

Coleman died at 92 at his home in Santa Monica, California. Beyond Yellowstone, he played in 9 to 5, On Golden Pond, Tootsie, Cloak and Dagger, Dragnet, and numerous other films and television shows.

Kevin Costner's Horizon films are off to a good start, considering the massive standing ovation at Cannes. Saddle up, and we'll see what they do at the box office when the first installment comes out in June.