A lot of peril could be ahead of Chance Comanche, and it is not just because of concerns inside the basketball courts. The Stockton Kings player in the NBA G League has been involved in the missing person case of Marayna Rodgers. He, together with girlfriend Sakari Harnden, got warrants of arrest for first-degree kidnapping, per Vanessa Murphy of KLAS TV.

The Kings’ G League player was around the area when Marayna Rodgers went missing. They played the G League Ignite and then headed to Portland to face against the Rip City Remix. But, he was not the only person that was arrested for the missing person’s case. Harnden also faces a first-degree kidnapping suit and is being held on $500,00o bail.

All of this is connected to Rodgers’ disappearance. Her family posits a lack of incentive for her to go missing without prior notice. They argued that her job was stable and would never leave her beloved dogs or dogs behind.

Chance Comanche was then released by the Kings immediately after finding out about the case. The NBA G League team did not go into further detail about the reason behind their move. But, one can only think it is because of his involvement in the case. His road to being proven innocent of any charges will be tedious and lengthy. It will start once he appears in the Sacramento County Court. Harnden, on the other hand, will also face a theft suit along with the kidnapping case that she is already involved in.