Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson won't be dropping out of the Olympics like his teammate, at least not because of an injury.

Stephen Curry and LaMarcus Aldridge both declined their invitations to play for Team USA due to injuries. Along with a list of other players, the amount of high profile talent we are used to seeing with the international squad is shrinking.

Even though Thompson will be in Rio this summer, he did express one of his concerns about the trip.

Thompson, a finalist for the Men's National Team, said he wants to play in the Olympics but the Zika virus spreading in Brazil is giving him a reason to think long and hard about it.

He does maintain that it would be sweet to play for his country, expressing excitement even when he's in the middle of possibly winning a second consecutive title.

As for the Zika virus, there has yet to be one player to pull out over fear of contraction from the American side, but the bigger concerns are regarding all of the injuries piling up.

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