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Klay Thompson, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are VERY close to averaging a COMBINED 50-40-90 this season

When Kevin Durant announced his decision to bring his talents to the Golden State Warriors last July, many believed their All-Star backcourt of Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry would not be able to produce their usual numbers with him joining their fold.

However, after only just a little more than a quarter of the games this season played, the trio have been proving their doubters wrong and showing that they can all co-exist with one another. All three of them have been performing well and are averaging close to their numbers from last season. They also have a chance to become the first three teammates in NBA history with a combined 50-40-90 (field goal, free throw and three point percentages) average.

Here is the breakdown of their numbers so far through 31 games:

  • Kevin Durant:54.1% FG, 40.3% 3P, 86.3% FT
  • Klay Thompson:47.1% FG,  37.7% 3P, 89.2% FT
  • Stephen Curry:46.8% FG, 40.1% 3P, 93.6% FT


With their averages combined, they are very close to the feat and have the goal within reach:

49.3% FG, 39.3% 3P, 89.4% FT

Should they continue at their pace, Thompson needs to increase his FG% as he has the most attempts among them, while Curry will need to step up and convert more three-pointers to pull up their combined average, Durant on the other hand attempts the most FT’s with the highest accuracy and will have to either be fouled more in the act of shooting or miss less to make them reach 90% from that area.

The record has not been done yet in the past for a reason, and it will be very difficult to achieve it, but given the skills they all have and the confidence they have on it, seeing them fall short of the historic feat will be hard to imagine as well.



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