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Dwyane Wade shoots down idea of joining Lakers if LeBron James asked

Lakers, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade stepped away from the game of basketball at the end of last season, marking the first time the NBA will be without him since the 2002-03 campaign. But what if LeBron James asked Wade to come back and play for the Los Angeles Lakers? Could the future Hall-of-Famer be persuaded? Don’t count on it:

“Nah, nah, nah [laughs]. No way,” Wade told Alex Wong of Complex.

Wade added that he is very satisfied where he is at this stage of his life and with everything he accomplished as a pro basketball player:

“When I walked away from the game of basketball, I walked away knowing I did everything that I could to be successful. I was okay with walking away. So it’s fine for me,” said Wade. “I’ve been able to spend a lot of great time with my family and I’ve been able to be a fan of the game, as opposed to when I was playing. I would be preparing all the time to play our next opponent. That consumed my life. Having an opportunity to still be connected to the game of basketball and be able to focus on my passions, I really have no complaints, man.”

Wade spent four-and-a-half season as a teammate of James.

Of course, the first four years came with the Miami Heat from the 2010-11 campaign through 2013-14, where the Heat made it to four straight finals and won a pair of championships.

Wade then joined the Cleveland Cavaliers during the summer of 2017 and spent a half a season playing alongside of James in Cleveland before the Cavaliers traded him back to Miami at the 2018 trade deadline.

Not that the Lakers would even need Wade right now.

Los Angeles has gotten off to a 7-2 start this season.