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LeBron James’ former teammate wants DeMarcus Cousins to disrupt the Warriors

demarcus cousons, lebron james

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James’ childhood friend, Romeo Travis, who once starred next to The Chosen One at St. Vincent-St. Mary Catholic High School in his native Akron, Ohio — is hoping the very best for his longtime bud and the worst for his foes, the DeMarcus Cousins-powered Golden State Warriors in particular.

Just like many others in Cleveland, Travis is conflicted at James’ departure, but ultimately at peace due to the championship he brought to the city in 2016.

“Now it’s more of an understanding: You did what you could. We don’t really blame you,” he said, conceptualizing his friend’s second departure, according to Leo Sepkowitz of Bleacher Report. “I feel that. I talk to people every day. We’re not mad at ‘Bron; he did what he could, got us a ‘ship.”

Yet he won’t be rooting for the Lakers, even after The King brought his talents to Hollywood on a four-year, $154 million deal.

“I can’t be a Lakers fan,” said Travis, leaving a bit of trash-talking in his explanation. “As much as the Lakers people love Kobe, that’s as much as we don’t like Kobe. It’s not personal, but the way they love Kobe—the Kobe stans—I troll them as much as I can on Twitter.”

As far as his preferred outcome, Travis is hoping the team that beat them in three out of the last four NBA Finals sees an end to its reign of terror, the same way the Cavaliers were reduced to rubble after James’ departure.

“I really hope that Boogie [Cousins] implodes the [Warriors],” Travis said. “That’s my ultimate hope: that he goes there and makes everyone hate each other—Klay leaves, Draymond doesn’t take a pay cut and they lose.”

Having managed to put the “p” in pathetic, Travis’ sentiment likely echoes that of many Cleveland fans, who saw their team crumble upon Kyrie Irving’s decision to leave the Cavs — setting up a woeful one-man last-ditch effort by James in 2017-18 that fell short of a championship and spelled his eventual departure from The Land, signing with the Lakers shortly after.