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LeBron James reacts to Lonzo Ball revealing favorite message from Lakers star

LeBron James Lakers Lonzo Ball Pelicans

It feels like ages ago for Lakers fans, but former top pick Lonzo Ball was once the future in Los Angeles. Then LeBron James came in and things became more about the present.

But for one transition year, LeBron James and the young Lakers spent an entire season together. In his episode of Who’s Interviewing Who from Uninterrupted, the New Orleans Pelicans star revealed the best advice he received from the then 17-year face of the league. The former Lakers top pick even thanked James on Twitter for the words of wisdom.

“I think the best advice I got was from LeBron so far, he sat me down one time in the locker room. Obviously, he’s been through everything, he kinda knew all the crazy stuff I was going through when I first got to the league and he told me ‘Keep the main thing, the main thing’.

That probably stuck with me the most. Once you take care of what you got to take care of on the court, the everything falls into place.”

LeBron James quickly responded to Lonzo Ball’s message thanking him, keeping his door open anytime for his former Lakers teammate.

Lonzo Ball may not be a part of the Lakers’ future anymore. But both LeBron James and the LA faithful hope nothing but success for their former point guard.