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What Lakers star LeBron James told Jeanie Buss immediately after winning NBA title

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Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss shared an endearing moment with LeBron James during the awarding ceremony of the Lakers’ championship win on Sunday. The two were seen embracing tightly just moments before Buss made her acceptance speech, and the 59-year-old Lakers owner just revealed what LeBron told her in that instant.

Buss admitted that once she realized that the team had finally clinched the title, she felt a bit overwhelmed about needing to make a speech during the trophy presentation. Thankfully for her, James spotted her standing a few meters away from the team.

This was when LeBron approached her to give her a tight hug. Buss recalled to Tania Ganguli of the Los Angeles Times that very moment and shared how this experience was for her:

He told her he did what he came to do. This is what we wanted to accomplish, and we did it, she recalled him saying, paraphrasing his thoughts. She smiled and nodded as he spoke, closing her eyes for some of it.

“I think the hug for that long a time was to really let it soak in,” Buss said. “He’s won several championships now and he knows that those moments are to be cherished and to be recognized.”

This was the first time Buss won the championship as the team owner. The Lakers have won many titles in the past, with a few of them coming in the era of her late father, Jerry Buss, but this is the first time it was Jeanie at the helm. This made her the first female controlling owner to win an NBA title. It was an unforgettable moment for her, and she has LeBron to thank for making it even more special.

Now, we’ll see if the Lakers can do it again next season.