After premiering to smashing global success, Arcane, the League of Legends series streaming on Netflix, will be getting Season 2. Fans of the series, whether old-time League players or audiences from beyond the gaming community, can look forward to a continuation of the story arc around Piltover. Riot confirmed that Arcane‘s new season now heads to production in a tweet today.

The announcement about Arcane Season 2 has even come with a short teaser. Watch the video below and see if you can spot a glimpse of Warwick towards the end.

Arcane‘s smashing success prompts a new season

The first season of Arcane revolved around Piltover champions, the sisters Vi and Jinx as well as Caitlyn. The story also included the likes of Jayce and Viktor, with the latter character quickly becoming a favorite among the audience. Overall, the League of Legends show took the world by storm and became an instant hit, topping charts in 50 countries and even overtaking Squid Game.

Even just after the first act (the first three episodes) premiered, Arcane already garnered the phenomenal reception. So much so that a few weeks ago, Riot executives revealed that they had more League of Legends entertainment planned, from shows to live-action movies. Back then, they did not confirm whether this meant Arcane season 2 or other titles. Now, though, fans received a treat to learn that the show will definitely be renewed for another season.

Riot builds Runeterra cinematic universe

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New to Netflix this Month February 2023

Franz Christian Irorita ·

New to Netflix this Weekend January 27 to 29, 2023

Franz Christian Irorita ·

The move definitely shapes up towards an entire Runeterra cinematic universe. After all, aside from Arcane itself, Riot also dropped a lot of other content, from in-game collectibles across Riot titles to crossovers with other games to a real-life interactive experience called Undercity Nights in Los Angeles.

Not only that, Riot has expanded to new platforms like Switch, PlayStation and Xbox through League-inspired games. These include Ruined Kingand Hextech Mayhem, an RPG and a rhythm runner respectively, which already hit store shelves. Meanwhile, other adventure titles A Song of Nunu and CONV/RGENCE will be coming out in 2022.

Fans are already speculating as to what Season 2 will contain. No spoilers here about Season 1, which just dropped its final act on Saturday. However, Piltover will likely still be featured (there’s some unfinished business to settle), but many are also hoping to see glimpses of other worlds in Runeterra, like Demacia or Zaun.