Maason Smith will have to suffer the consequences of his actions regarding an old rule that the NCAA held. He was signing autographs and was paid to do which did not sit well with the former administration. LSU football has long criticized this punishment not only because it is unjust but because the new NIL rules say that he should be able to do it. This did not sit well with On 3's Andy Staples who blasted the college athletics association for their call to suspend Smith.

Maason Smith may not be present in the early games of LSU football's season. This is because he still needs to serve the suspension that was given in 2021. He could not properly fulfill it in the last season, unlike Kayshon Boutte, during their game against New Mexico football.

Smith had suffered an injury which sidelined him and disabled him from properly carrying out the penalty. Andy Staples unveiled his feelings on the LSU football situation. He also unmasked how absurd it is given the NIL, via Nick Schultz of On 3.

“I guess they were caught doing this because something went sideways with the person they were doing it with. Very similar to the Todd Gurley, Georgia situation, if you remember that one. And they got turned in,” Staples said. He also added what made the LSU football situation incredibly weird, “So the NCAA was like, ‘No, you still gotta serve it, dude.’ So he is now serving a suspension. More than two years after the thing he did was declared completely within the rules.”

Will this affect LSU football negatively amid their schedule?