When The Iron Claw re-introduced fans new and old to the story of The Von Erichs, from Fritz to his sons, Kerry, Kevin, David, and Mike, it created all sorts of interest in the latest iteration of the first family of Texas wrestling, Ross and Marshall Von Erich.

While the duo aren't fresh in-ring workers looking to capitalize on their family name, as the brothers were wrestling in MLW long before A24 started working on turning their family's story into a film, they've since become a relatively hot commodity on the scene, with Tony Khan booking them on multiple occasions in AEW, Ring of Honor, and having more appearances in RCW, who made them their Tag Team Champions in April.

Discussing their future in the professional wrestling ring on their The Von Erich Podcast, Marshall let it be known that the brothers are hoping to sign a long-term deal with a major company soon and have even been contacted by WWE about a tryout in the past.

“The reason we haven't gone to a major company yet is, it's definitely in the cards, but Ross and I, we had an opportunity to go to WWE, to do a tryout. We both didn't feel like it was time because once you go, you're showing this is what we have to offer, this is the best of what we have to offer. We didn't feel like we were at our best yet. So why would we go when we don't feel like we're at the top or whatever? So we wanted to give it some time, and that's kind of what the move from Hawaii was. We were in Hawaii. We've picked family over wrestling,” Marshall Von Erich explained on his podcast via 411 Mania.

I'll never forget, I was [at the] Hall of Fame, Michael Hayes was [getting inducted], and my dad was inducting. I was sitting there looking at all the wrestlers and everybody up front. I was like, this is what I wanted to do. I was looking at it and all the guys were talking about how many marriages they had, and I've been married to the business, and I've done this, I've done that. They almost bragged about how many failed marriages they had. I was sitting there looking at it, I was like, ‘Man. I don't know if this is it.' But what else is it? If I'm gonna wrestle, I want to get to the top of it, but this is the top. I don't know if I want to be here.

“At the time, that's where my head was at. I started having sons and stuff, and talking to Ross, we both felt like we're getting polished enough where I could go anywhere and have a good wrestling match. I know what I'm doing now. Before, the time they called us, we didn't. So right now, we feel like we're polished and ready. We could go wrestle anywhere. I feel like it's coming, it's coming soon. So this is like the calm before the storm. We've been in conversations with both companies and stuff. So we're kind of just seeing where it goes, but it feels like the calm before a storm because I got a feeling it's coming soon. I would love to talk on it more, but there's some stuff I can't really talk about yet.”

Should the Von Erichs push their chips to the center of the table and go WWE or bust, or should they instead push to land in AEW, which has a better tag team division but also are part of the greater Warner Bros Discovery family, which also holds the streaming rights for The Iron Claw and may enjoy keeping the duo – with or without Kevin – in the family. Either way, it's clear the duo are going to be in high demand moving forward, and if they can back it up in the ring, the world will be their oyster.

The Von Erichs want to wrestle against Dustin and Cody Rhodes.

Elsewhere on The Von Erich Podcast, Ross and Marshall Von Erich discussed some of the matches they would like to wrestle in the future while discussing brothers in the sport and settled on the Rhodes brothers, Dustin and Cody, who had one of the signature matches of early AEW at Double or Nothing in 2019. While the duo do not work together at the moment, as they are employed by two different promotions, the Von Erichs would still like to wrestle the brothers all the same, as a Rhodes vs. Von Erichs match just feels right.

“That was good stuff. That was a tag team that Ross and I really, we want to do that before we retire,” Marshall Von Erich said via Fightful. “Who knows? Anything can happen, but that's got to happen, the Von Erichs vs. The Rhodes. We've gotta do it.”

Marshall then went on to note the style of wrestling Cody Rhodes brings to the ring, noting that while fans love flips and cartwheels, top guys like the “American Nightmare” and Roman Reigns still rely on a more traditional, old-school style of work.

“People like the flips and the cartwheels, and it's super impressive. But it's weird. I've noticed that top guys at every company always kind of fall back into that older-school style, just classic professional wrestling,” Marshall noted.” Roman Reigns, you don't see him doing cartwheels and back handsprings. You don't see Cody Rhodes doing that, even though I've seen Cody Rhodes do a backflip off a cage and it was unbelievably high.”

Do top guys like Rhodes and Reigns work a more traditional style because that's what gets over with the most mainstream of fans, or could it be that the new school just hasn't gotten into the main event picture just yet, with legacy stars still holding prominent spots at the top of the card in WWE? That is a conversation worth having.