One of the top narratives about the upcoming 2023 Masters Tournament is the change in the par-5 13th hole at Augusta National Golf Club. The length of that particular hole is now up to 545 yards, 35 longer than last year. It's become something of a polarizing topic in some corners, but for Jordan Spieth, it's a move that has the potential to make the Masters even more exciting (h/t The Fried Egg).

“I disagree that it's less exciting. Like, I think you've heard mixed reviews. Some people say more, some people say less. I mean, I think if you are stuck in between you and get more mayhem because you're going to get more water balls than guys hitting 7-iron to the middle of the green, how is that not more exciting? It's not very exciting if someone hits 7-, 8-iron into the middle of the green and 2-putts. You want to see someone hit it from further away or a harder shot.”

Jordan Spieth added that he's just about to find out whether the 13th hole at the Masters will now be easier or harder to deal with.

“I don't know if it's a better or worse hole; it's a different hole, and I think you have to be determined if it's more or less exciting. If it's warmer, it's more exciting; but when it's this cool, it may just be a lot of lay-ups. But we'll see.”

Jordan Spieth isn't new to success at Augusta National Golf Club. He's got a Green Jacket at home, which he won back in 2015.

Spieth is looking for a much better performance this time around after missing the cut in the Masters in 2022.