Matt Cardona has made quite the name for himself on the indies after being released by WWE in 2020. Since leaving the company, Cardona has found success and won world championships in multiple companies. The “Indy God” is on the run of his life but can find his way back to WWE or even AEW in the future.

In multiple interviews, Cardona explains how he'll go to whichever company if the money and creative are right. Cardona was a victim of lousy booking during his time in WWE, so I'd imagine things would be different if he re-signed with them. He only appeared in AEW for a few months in 2020, but the door is always open for his return. The biggest issue with AEW is that he could possibly get lost in the shuffle due to their stacked roster.

AEW recently announced their new show “Collision,” and there are rumors of the company doing a brand split. This would make sense since AEW has so much talent and has limited time to showcase all of them. Introducing another show allows wrestlers to get more TV time and showcase their talents.

Recently, a run sheet for the new AEW Collision Show showed up, and Matt Cardona was on it. While speaking to PWMania, Cardona admits it's fake and isn't signed to AEW.

“I mean, come on,” Cardona said. “That was so fake. Listen, I’m flattered, I think I would be great on that show. I think AEW, what they’ve been doing is fantastic. I mean, adding another show, prime time, incredible. It shows their growth, they’re on their way to maybe sell out Wembley Stadium, which is incredible. AEW is doing some great things, but no, that is not a true lineup. Unless Tony Khan calls me tomorrow. I mean, I’m a free agent for a reason, baby. I’m always ready. … I mean, listen, I have not had a contract there. So that’s all I can say. And if the show starts this Saturday, I certainly won’t be there.”

Later in the interview, Matt Cardona would say he'll go anywhere that pays him. If somebody wants Cardona to show up and give them the best match of the show, they must pay him.

“I will go anywhere that f***ing pays me,” Cardona said. “What I’m saying, I’m a mark for money. … You pay my f***ing full rate, and you give me that 50% deposit to advertise me I’ll f***ing be there. And have the best f***ing match on the show. And that’s it. If you’re paying me, I will be there. … We’re here to make money of course like, you want to have fun, you want to enjoy yourself, you want to have great matches, I get that, but at the end of the day, you have to pay your bills. You have to support your family, feed your cats, you know? I’m gonna do this by making money.”

It wouldn't shock me if Matt Cardona showed up on our televisions in the near future. Whether in WWE or AEW, Cardona has become a big enough name to be a featured part of weekly television. It would make the most sense if Cardona returned to WWE since he's originally from there, and his wife currently works there. Not to mention the fans would immediately remember him and root for him right away. Cardona would most likely have more creative freedom in AEW, but again, he could get lost in the shuffle. If it comes down to which company can pay him more, I think WWE might have the upper hand.

We'll see what the future holds for Matt Cardona. He is in a great position because he controls his destiny. He's a big enough name to sign with a major company or continue winning titles while making a ton of money on the indies. Even at 38 years old, the future is bright for Matt Cardona.

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