Everyone, at this point, has heard of the ongoing WGA strike. But now there's another strike looming, with the Screen Actors Guild, or the SAG-AFTRA strike. Matt Damon spoke on the subject, and how he stands on the strike should it comes to fruition. He was in support of those actors.

“It's gonna be tough for the actors, for 160,000 actors,” Matt Damon told Deadline of the strike. “Nobody wants a work stoppage but if our leadership is saying that the deal isn’t fair then we gotta hold strong.”

“It’s the difference between having healthcare and not for a lot of actors, and we gotta do what’s right by them,” he concluded.

The SAG-AFTRA strike has yet to begin, unless there's an agreement between the SAG and Hollywood studios. The main points the SAG is fighting for are minimum pay, residuals that consider streaming, healthcare, pensions, and regulation around self-tapes in the casting process.

A letter was written and addressed to Hollywood studios. Should time run out, those who've signed the letter are “prepared to strike if it comes to that,” even though it’s not ideal.

“We do not believe that SAG-AFTRA members can afford to make halfway gains in anticipation that more will be coming in three years, and we think it is absolutely vital that this negotiation protects not just our likenesses, but makes sure we are well compensated when any of our work is used to train AI,” the letter read.

“We want you to know that we would rather go on strike than compromise on these fundamental points, and we believe that, if we settle for a less than transformative deal, the future of our union and our craft will be undermined, and SAG-AFTRA will enter the next negotiation with drastically reduced leverage.”