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Mercury star Diana Taurasi destroys door in anger after WNBA Finals defeat vs. Sky

Diana Taurasi, Mercury, WNBA

The Phoenix Mercury ended their season in one of the worst ways possible. Down 1-2 on the road against the Chicago Sky, Diana Taurasi and the Mercury had a chance to bring the WNBA Finals to a deciding Game 5 in Phoenix. They held a big lead entering the fourth… only to succumb to Candace Parker and the Sky in the final moments of the series.

What was looking like a chance at redemption for the Mercury ended up being shut down in their faces. It’s no wonder then that Taurasi, one of the greatest in WNBA history, was extremely frustrated after the game. (via Tom Ziller)

Yeesh, talk about leaving a mark on that door. To be fair, that door doesn’t look like it’s very sturdy, either.

It’s an unfortunate ending for the Mercury’s season, who had one hell of a run in the WNBA playoffs. Taurasi, in particular, was a woman possessed in the run, willing her team to victories with inhuman performances. However, this time they just fell short, as the Sky was just too much to handle for them.

Taurasi is one of the WNBA’s greatest to ever play. In a lot of ways, she’s the LeBron James of the WNBA: a player with the longevity and the accolades despite a long career. A three-time champion, Taurasi could’ve rested on her laurels and took it easy. What can one Finals loss even do to dent her legendary career? However, like most greats of their craft, she doesn’t settle for silver. That can be seen in her reaction to her devastating loss in the WNBA Finals.

Time will tell if Taurasi will continue to play in the WNBA after this season. No matter what happens, though, “White Mamba will go down as one of the greatest in the WNBA.