The New York Mets have gone on an absolute spending spree this offseason, and one of the key pieces they managed to re-sign from their large free agent class was Brandon Nimmo. Nimmo had a busy market as one of the top outfielders, but he ended up staying put with the Mets on an eight-year, $162 million contract.

This was definitely a win-win deal, as the Mets got to hold onto their everyday centerfielder, while Nimmo got an absolutely massive deal. Nimmo was rumored to be potentially on the move this offseason, but ended up staying put with New York, and opened up on how special it is for him to be able to stay with the same team for his entire career, which this contract all but ensures he will do.

“Towards the end, the Mets just made it very, very clear that they wanted me back. And from the beginning of last year, I've expressed my interest in staying here, and what it would mean to be able to finish my career being a New York Met. To be able to start your career with someone, and to be able to finish your career with the same team, that's something really, really special. Not many players get to do that.” – Brandon Nimmo,

Nimmo is clearly thrilled to be sticking around with the Mets, and given their explosive offseason work, who can really blame him? New York looks like a true World Series contender next season, and with Nimmo on board for the next eight seasons, it's looking like the Mets may be set to take control of the National League East for the next few years.