The Michigan State football program has received a lot of attention as of late, but unfortunately, it's for the wrong reasons. Mel Tucker was recently fired because of sexual assault accusations from Brenda Tracy, a rape survivor and activist that was brought to the Michigan State football program to educate the team about sexual assault. The ongoing investigation is set to conclude in a couple of weeks, and the story recently got some more updates.

Brenda Tracy described the events that transpired between her and Mel Tucker, and the one that has been receiving the most attention involves a phone call between the two that took place in the spring of 2022. Tucker is accused of making unwanted sexual comments to Tracy, and also masturbating on the phone call. Tucker's claim was that everything was consensual, but recent reports of his story changing throughout the investigation make that harder to believe.

When the phone call happened, Tucker was on a trip in Florida for the Michigan State migrant student services program. However, Tucker told the investigator for the incident that the trip was not work-related, according to an article from USA Today. He also made false statements on small details such as the date and location of the phone call incident. That certainly makes his story more difficult to believe.

As for the football team, this has to be very difficult on the players. They somehow have to try to focus on football while all of this is going on in the background. The Spartans lost their first game without Tucker on the sidelines 41-7 against Washington last weekend. They will look to bounce back this week against Maryland.