Green Bay Packers quarterbacks coach Tom Clements has three cardinal rules for playing the position, with one of those rules being don't throw late across the middle, and Packers quarterback Jordan Love broke that rule during practice. Love spoke about breaking one of Clements' cardinal rules.

“That's a mortal sin – late over the middle,” Jordan Love said after practice, via Matt Schneidman of The Athletic. “That's exactly what I did. There is a time and a place, depending on the coverage, things that are going on, if the DB falls or something like that, but yeah, given the circumstances right there, that was exactly a mortal sin right there. Late over the middle, ball kind of floats, DB has a chance to go make it. Christian, he doesn't really know where the DB's at, so it's hard for him to kind of go up and get the ball.”

Tom Clements' three cardinal rules include not throwing late across the middle, not making predetermined reads, and not making blind throws, according to Schneidman. Clements worked with Aaron Rodgers, and helped him become one of the best quarterbacks of his generation. He hopes to help Love become a success for the Packers, even if he only is a fraction as good as Aaron Rodgers.

It will be interesting to see if Love succeeds in 2023 for the Packers, and if he can follow Clements' three cardinal rules. If he is able to, the Packers could once again have a seamless transition at the quarterback position that makes the 31 other fanbases jealous.