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Ms. Marvel episode 3 ending explained

Ms. Marvel, Marvel, Entertainment

Last week’s installment of Marvel’s newest hero gave everyone a possible first look into the series’ antagonist. With Kamala Khan slowly discovering her powers and what it means to be a hero, she has to contend with the Department of Damage Control and her family’s true history as this bad guy arrives on the scene. We take a look at this week’s Ms. Marvel episode 3 ending explained to learn more.

Ms. Marvel episode 3 ending explained

Ms. Marvel, Marvel, Entertainment

After the events of episode two, we see a flashback that dates shortly after the Second World War. A couple of individuals locate a blue hand with a bangle on it. Aisha arrives and tells the group that this lone bangle will have to do and they’ll find the second one soon. She wears it and feels the energy emanating from it. cavern falls down her and she escapes with a woman that was confirmed to be Kamran’s mother.

In the present, the individuals from that cave, including Kamran’s mother, are speaking to Kamala Khan. They reveal that they are called the Clandestines, a race from another dimension. Najma then tells Kamala that there is light in everyone and the bangle unlocks that ability. She asks the teenager to help them return to their dimension using the bangle.

The following day, Kamala repeats what Najma told her that she’s a Djinn and everything about the Clandestines. She asks for his help to aid them in returning to their dimension. Before she leaves, Bruno tells her that she’s trending after rescuing the boy last night.

The Department of Damage Control then approach the local mosque and ask about the enhanced individual they saw last night. Nakia prevents them from searching the facility, an act that draws the ire of the Damage Control agent. After that incident, Nakia visits Kamala in her room and tells her that Damage Control visited the mosque.

Back in the Khan residence, the whole family is celebrating Aamir’s engagement to Tyesha. The teenager learns from the local community leader that Damage Control is looking for an enhanced individual of South Asian descent. Kamala asks him for advice about the enhanced individual and learns that being good is a thing she must do. She opens up a box containing a mask built by Bruno.

Over in the store Bruno is working for, Kamala’s dad buys snacks. He then discovers that Bruno is studying Djinns and offered to help him with his research. He later realizes that it’s possible these Djinns came from another dimension. The catch here is that it can be dangerous and set off something, he later tells Kamala. During the same conversation, Bruno admits he got into Caltech, a revelation that causes Kamala to worry.

The following day, Aamir is set to wed Tyesha. Kamala’s father gives his son meaningful advice about marriage and family to ease his anxieties. Kamala listens from a distance and learns about the importance of family. Meanwhile, Najma confronts Kamran about Kamala asking for more time to help them go home. She tells her son that she’s done asking and she’ll make the teenager help them.

During the celebration, Kamran arrives and searches for Kamala to talk to her. He warns her about his mother and the Clandestines. Kamala sees them from afar and activates the fire alarm to put everyone out of harm’s way.

Kamala confronts several of the Clandestines and fights them in the kitchen. Najma arrives and tells the teenager that they need the bangle to go home. They locate the teenager and a fight ensues in the reception area. Kamala holds her own against her opponents by creating constructs of light as Bruno arrives to help. Kamran has also chosen to side with Kamala and starts to fight against her mother’s forces.

They end up cornering Kamala and Bruno while incapacitating Kamran. Najma holds the bangle, which emits a strong light showing a train. At that point, agents from Damage Control arrive and arrest Najma and her companions. Kamala and Bruno escape, only for Nakia to discover that she’s the enhanced individual everyone is looking for. Kamala escapes alone and goes home, only to be confronted by her parents. She refuses to confide in them and proceeds to her bedroom to rest.

Once there, Kamala’s grandmother calls her and asks her to go to Karachi. She then asks her about the train she saw during the fight and tells her again to go to Karachi.

What just happened? A Ms. Marvel episode 3 recap

As compared to earlier episodes, this week’s installment was shorter and focused more on Kamala’s family, the bangle, and why it’s essential for Najma. Once that was set up in the first half, the second half dealt with a battle that finally showed the series’ true antagonists and what their motivation is.

With the walls closing in on Kamala, especially since her family, friends, Damage Control, and the Clandestines are all converging on her, the following episodes will have to take all of those plot points and weave them together into the whole story. It remains to be seen how Kamala will make her way to Karachi and learn more about Aisha and the bangle’s history from her grandmother.