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Warriors official defends team’s decision to play Kevin Durant in Game 5

Warriors, Kevin Durant

A Golden State Warriors official came into the defense of the team’s decision to allow Kevin Durant play in Game 5 after being sidelined for more than a month.

Durant suffered a strained calf during their series against the Houston Rockets. The two-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player returned in Game 5 to help the Warriors extend their series against the Toronto Raptors. However, his comeback lasted only 12 minutes, as he sustained a potential career-altering injury.

While there is still no official statement from the Warriors, it is feared that Durant sustained an Achilles tear. Warriors officials and team doctors drew flak for allowing Durant to play. However, one official told Elliott Almond of The Mercury News that Durant was really cleared to play, and it was a collaborative decision.

“No team is ever going to allow a player to get on the court without having multiple doctors clear him,” the official said. “Team doctors, specialists, a players’ personal doctor, etc. It is a collaborative effort with many involved.”

The Warriors official insisted that the team would not clear Durant to return if they knew that there is a great chance of sustaining another injury. According to Nick Friedell of ESPN, Durant is currently in New York, where he is set to undergo MRI to determine the extent of his Achilles injury.