The NBA world has been quick to react to former player and slam dunk champion Nate Robinson's second-round knockout defeat at the hands of YouTube star Jake Paul.

While some were trash talking how badly Robinson lost, others were supporting him in defeat, noting how he stepped into the boxing ring when many wouldn't.

Some notables included Joel Embiid calling out Robinson's knockout with two simple words.

Stephen Curry, who sent his support to Robinson before the fight, still supported him in defeat, noting his confidence in stepping into the ring in the first place.

Paul Millsap also showed respect to Robinson in the attempt.

Trae Young also supported Robinson by making sure people knew that he would always be one thing Jake Paul will never be, a dunk champion.

Bradley Beal couldn't help but react when somebody tweeted out a picture of him laying on the ground and comparing it to Robinson.

Then you have RJ Hampton laughing at Snoop Dogg's commentary, laughing at him saying β€œYou can't play with this boxing, and you can't play with this pimpin'.” and Kyle O'Quinn retweeting Keri Hilson's tweet saying she needs Snoop Dogg to commentate every sporting event.

Needless to say, even in the loss, Robinson gave the NBA world an entertaining night, and while this probably will be the last time he will step into a boxing ring, it definitely won't be the last time a former basketball player gets into the fight game.

Who knows, Evan Turner might be next to fight Jake Paul, but CJ McCollum wants him to make sure he really trains for a while before getting in the ring.