As the NBA free agency period continues to roll through the summer, many major dominos have yet to fall into place, and it will have a heavy affect on Zion Williamson's potential landing place.

The biggest chain reaction will come from Damian Lillard, who shook the league when he requested a trade from the Blazers after playing his entire 11 year career with the team. If he is indeed traded before the start of the 2023 season, it could cause Zion Williamson to land in Portland amid trade rumors.

It was reported ahead of the NBA Draft that Williamson's relationship with the Pelicans and his teammates was minimal to nonexistent, further adding fuel to the fire, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst.

The odds have been posted on a potential Zion move for over a month, as speculation rose during the NBA Draft. The odds of his next team, if not the New Orleans Pelicans, have remained largely unchanged, per listings from BetOnline.

The Blazers still lead the pack to land Zion with +200 odds, closely followed by the Houston Rockets at +250. Before the draft, the Hornets had the second highest odds, but have fallen to third at +350 after drafting Brandon Miller second overall.

Behind them, the Knicks, Jazz, and Timberwolves round out the pack, but all are +400 or higher. While the odds can change rapidly with rumors flying, it remains unlikely that he would land with any other than the top three if traded at all.

Williamson has had a tumultuous career since entering the NBA, after a massive amount of hype for the top overall draft pick. He only played in 29 games in 2022-23, and missed the entire season the year before after receiving foot surgery.

When he is on the floor, he has been dominant, averaging 25 points per game and 7 boards since his 2019 arrival. His high upside led to the Pelicans giving him the 5-year, $193 million max extension last summer, a deal they would have to unload on the next team if a trade partner is found.