Kyrie Irving’s trade request has led to speculation that NBA teams might prepare to go after Kevin Durant next. The Golden State Warriors were viewed as possible suitors for the Brooklyn Nets star when he asked for a trade in the summer, and those rumors could resurface in the upcoming offseason.

If Irving is moved, it’s thought that a Kevin Durant trade could follow in the summer of 2023. According to, one NBA general manager believes that the Warriors could be among those suitors who hold onto their young players at this week’s trade deadline in case they want to make an offer for Durant when the season is finished.

“I think Golden State is a good example of that,” the GM said. “They’ve got these young guys and some people in that organization want to hang onto them, some want to move off them and win now. Lie, trade them on Thursday. But that is probably not going to happen, and the middle road is, hang on to them for this year and if they don’t pull things together, use them to go and make an offer for KD. They’d love to bring KD back to finish out his career with Steph and Klay.”

The unknown GM who is being quoted is purely speculating when it comes to the Warriors considering a trade for Durant. It’s not yet known if Durant will ask out of Brooklyn, or if Golden State would seriously try to re-acquire the 13-time All-Star.

But it won’t be a surprise if both Irving and Durant are moved within the next few months. It’s been less than eight months since Durant made a trade request to Brooklyn. Durant likely isn’t feeling better about the future now that Irving says he’ll be gone soon.

Warriors star Stephen Curry told Rolling Stone last summer that Golden State had conversations about jumping into the Kevin Durant trade sweepstakes. No deal was ever close to being made.

The Warriors made the NBA Finals in all three seasons with Durant on the roster. Durant won the Finals MVP award during both of Golden State’s championship runs during that time.